Con Clavi Con Dio

Hello, worshippers! You just stumbled onto the swedish band Ghost shrine. By accident or not, you are about to experience the ghostly goodness ;)

Ghost has been one of my favourite bands since release of their first album, Opus Eponymous. The veiled messages about the current world, hidden behind tempting satanic mask, gripped me really hard. Papa Emeritus, the frontman of the band, is amazing, charismatic figure who made me fan even before I heard the music - but when I heard it, I fell in total, hopeless love.

As "thank yous" for Ghost's existance, I decided to make this shrine and honor the amazing Tobias Forge and his Nameless Ghouls. Enjoy the sections and content!

27thJULY21. The website comes to life. For now only the band and graphic section are filled and I added few most famous photos to media section, but hopefully I expand the site in next few days. As Ghost is my fave band, expect huge amount of things here. See you soon!

Edit: CalmingSoul on devianART allowed me to put her beautiful art in fanart section, I also made one gif, which can be seen in media :)

Edit2: My friend Aya allowed me to put her Papa drawing in fanart section :)

Smooth Sailing